Anarchist Bookfair 2024 Prague


ABC Belarus
Anarchist Black Cross Belarus (ABC-Belarus) supports repressed, arrested and imprisoned anarchists as well as social activists whose ideas and activities do not contradict the ideas of anarchism. Between 2009 and 2022 the group has supported more than 70 activists in various forms, ranging from paying lawyers and other legal fees to supporting the families and loved ones of the repressed. 

ABC Dresden
Anarchist Black Cross Dresden is a collective of people aiming to promote the ideas of Anarchism and Solidarity. We exist since 2014. We organize letter writing evenings to write people in prison, fundraising events and info evenings focusing on different parts of the world. Through spreading information about prisoners and repressions happening all around the world against social movements we hope to show people in Dresden mechanism of repressions to fight it better. In addition, we organize ourselves in local campaigns and the Anarchist Network Dresden to develop anti-authoritarian ideas and a culture of solidarity in our society.
Active Distribution Publishing
Active Distribution began as a squatter bookshop in Hackney, London in 1989. It remained steadfastly DIY, non-profit and anarcho-punk influenced until 2007, when anarcho-punk lost its relevance for Jon. Active Distribution continued to spread the idea of distributing "all things anarchist" as cheaply as possible until it split into two separate organisations in 2018. Since then Jon has run the label from his new base in the hills of Croatia, while a collective of friends in Bristol have taken on the considerable challenge of continuing with the original Active Distribution. This year's stand will only include books published by Active Distribution and will therefore be smaller than the one you may have seen at the Anarchist Book Festival in the past. Along with the books, we'll be bringing a bunch of stickers!

The publishing house Adolescent is a small and independent publishing house, which was invented 16 years ago and is still run by Aleš Kauer, with the help of Zdeněk Stejskal (IT) and relatively recently with editorial support from Kin Peklo and Jan Spěváček. From an originally irregularly printed samizdat LGBTQ+ project, it has established itself as a bibliophilic publishing house with a much more universal (yet colourful) profile. In addition to well-known names in the contemporary poetry scene, Adolescent also prints more experimental texts. At the same time, Adolescent is ecological, environmental, multi-sexual, pacifist and tolerant.
From the beginning, Adolescent Publishing has been done in the style of D.I.Y. We do not resist patronage, but we operate independently, without grants or the support of large distribution networks.

Anarchist Federation
The Anarchist Federation Publishing House focuses on publishing publications on anarchist theory, history and practice. It has nearly fifty books, pocket pamphlets, comic books, songbooks and other such delicacies to its credit.
Several times a year we come out with a new issue of the anarchist journal Existence, and every month we produce an A3 wall newspaper and a Zdola newsletter on the occasion of various events.
We are not professionals and do not want or expect to make a profit. Proceeds from sales always go to cover printing and the production of other publications. We try to broaden the horizons of the anarchist movement and ourselves - and we enjoy it too.
We look forward to seeing you at the booth!

Alarm was created as a platform for quick online media reactions to current affairs and problems. However, we are convinced that many of our texts will stand the test of time. We therefore want to save them from disappearing into the abyss of internet history and breathe new life into them. The book form is the ideal way for them to survive and reach a new audience at the same time.
Most of us grew up with books, and now we want to publish our own publications that others will grow up with. That's why we're coming up with a publishing project that has the ambition to revolutionize your library. If we want to change the world, we must first be able to describe it properly. Few media are better suited for this purpose than the book.

Anarchist review of Books

non-academic writing with an anti-authoritarian perspective. We are dedicated to transforming society through literature and through open, incisive critique of the media, politics, history, art and writing that shape our world.

Broken Books
Broken Books is a book publishing house focusing on sociology, philosophy, political science and related fields. We publish books by authors who have made us think. Now we offer you the opportunity to think with us. You can buy our books here or in any good bookstore.

Ciocia Czesia 
We are an independent and non-commercial group operating in the Czech Republic. We believe that every person has the right to decide how they want to live and what will happen to their body. That is why we try to support people in Poland who want to end their pregnancy. 

CNT France (Confédération Nationale du Travail)
The CNT name now appears regularly on leaflets, at demonstrations and in the media. However, although these three letters are becoming familiar, their meaning often remains somewhat unclear. There are several reasons for this. "Although 'Confédération nationale du travail' (National Confederation of Labour) indicates that it is a trade union organisation, the terms are otherwise unclear and contain the word 'national', which is hardly appropriate in France today. Secondly, references to the CNT, revolutionary syndicalism and anarcho-syndicalism often give way to "anarchism", which does not correspond. Lastly, its falsely sulphurous image, tinged with violence, which the media readily present as gratuitous, obscures the external perception of its militant reality. The existence of another "CNT", a remnant of a former split, sometimes complicates the understanding of the CNT. 

A platform formed by a collective of quirky anarchists to bring communities together.

Divus is a small, somewhat avant-garde publishing house that was active mainly in the 1990s. in addition to a variety of art publications and controversial books of various genres, it also published the artist magazine, which was published in several world languages. Divus is currently based, together with its founder Ivan Mečl, in Kyjov near Krásná lípa in the Šluknov foothills.

Grupa Nieustającej Pomocy (Group of Perpetual Help)

We are an non-hierarchical anarcho-queer self-help collective from Poland. We're dedicated to supporting those whom the system fails the most: both each other and the complete strangers who write to us every day asking for support. We want to support without shaming, without asking and without doing it as charity work. We have been operating under the banner of Our Group of Perpetual Help (Grupa Nieustającej Pomocy in polish) since the second half of 2020.

We are a collective of politically active people striving for social change. Who seek a radically different alternative to the current economic order. Our activity is decided collectively and consensually. Anyone and everyone can actively participate in the planning, strategy formulation and decision making of the collective. We are not a political party. In our view, a better future is not to be brought about by representative democracy, but by an active and broad social movement built from below. It is not important to us how old someone is, what gender they identify with or what colour their skin is. And last but not least, we are part of the Beyond Europe coalition. 

Today's times favour the state, the nation, populism, capital, the people. "Radical" aspirations have degenerated into demands for a different state (with tax progression, a more generous social sphere, green policies, etc.).The aspiration of workers' autonomy is for a different working class to grow up. One that can intervene in workplaces and society as a power in its own right, independent of the form and interests of the state, of the reasons of employers, of the logic of capital, of the limits of unions.We have concrete experience that when workers bet on their own strength and cleverness, they can win many things, better money, working conditions, dignity. And also, above all, a more accurate, more competent political view of their collective position, their interests. We have the conviction and historical indications that this is the way to overcome the society of capital and the state. 
In this direction we try to link practical efforts with theoretical ones, based on Marx's categories. We are not looking for a different, more "accommodating" state. With all humility and acceptance of the minority "way upstream" we seek the freedom that only a "different" working class can bring. Collectively Against Capital/Mouvement Communiste (KPK/MC)

Limity jsme my
We are an open grassroots movement for climate justice. We seek an end to the coal age and oppose coal mining and burning through direct action.  

In Neklid we publish books that would not otherwise be published here. We focus on left-wing theory and practice, publishing environmental, feminist, political, economic and related literature in translation and by Czech authors.
Neklid is not a classical publishing house, but is based on voluntary work, in which you can get involved.
Publishing books under the Neklid label is one of the activities of the registered association Svobodná knihovna, which focuses on education with an emphasis on social, environmental and cultural issues and on promoting and developing critical thinking.

We are the publishing section of the social cooperative Tři Ocásci. We want to publish literature, or even pseudo-literature, that reinforces radical imagination and an anti-system sense of humour.
The title Nevim refers to the Socratic shrug at the futility of trying to know everything and the flow of Tři Ocásci of never-ending shift and return. And last but not least, to the Zapatista movement that walks with questions together and slowly because the goal is far away.

Plav is a printed monthly magazine dedicated to world literature. It has been published since 2005 and ten times a year since 2019, publishing mainly original translations of fiction. It focuses on literatures and language areas that are not well represented on the Czech book market, and by gradually exploring places both near and far on the literary map, it tries to create a more balanced, truer picture of world literature. In doing so, he reflects on important contemporary themes such as poverty, women's equality and the position of minorities, but deals with them exclusively through literature itself. 

Radical Theory and Praxis (Радикальная теория и практика)

"Radical Theory and Practice" was born in 2010 as an informal network of volunteers who collectively translate books in their spare time, and in early 2014 it evolved into a publishing cooperative where relationships are built horizontally and decisions are made by consensus.
By publishing books on the history of liberation movements, social and environmental initiatives, alternative economic models, and political prisoners, we seek to inspire activists to new actions and move our society towards social transformation.
Our goal is to disseminate information as widely as possible, not for profit, which is why we make our books freely available after a period of time.
We are open to new contributors, collaborations with authors and other collectives, and are open to suggestions for translation and publication of suitable books.
All questions and suggestions can be sent to rtp(at)

Forged books
Forged Books is an anarchist-minded micropress from Greater Manchester, UK. They publish essays and studies in culture, history and subversion. They also run a regular book club through the database of the Anarchist Library.
Forged Books is a distro in the UK, US and CZ.  We print dangerous book(let)s.

The publishing studio RUBATO was founded in 2010 by Petr Januš and Jaroslav Tvrdoně and its intention was and is to make available valuable, challenging, refreshing and intellectually stimulating literature, especially in the field of prose and essays.

Salé distribuce
At the beginning of 2012, an open library was established in the Salé info café in Žižkov, offering titles from Czech and foreign (not only anarchist) publishers and collectives. During the eight years of its existence, thousands of books were read and sold here and at the many festivals, concerts and streets where members went. The group around Salé, which is still involved in organising the Anarchist Book Festival and attending other offshoots of it across Europe, was forced to leave its base and continue its work in a different way.
Some of us began to co-build the cooperative project Roleta39, where the whole distribution eventually moved and began to expand. Also, the launch of online sales has helped to extend the reach of radical and politically aware literature beyond its previous circle of adherents, and normally unavailable publications are now freely distributed to all sides. The point of all this effort is not to allow you to be stunted. We will not keep our opinion to ourselves. We will not accept narrow-mindedness.

Sedmá generace
The bimonthly magazine Sedmá generace has been published since 1991 with the aim of reflecting the social and ecological aspects of the development of contemporary civilization and placing them in a broader context, whether political, economic or generally cultural. Our main thematic focus is on nature and environmental protection, renewable energy, alternative economics, organic agriculture, eco-evolution, human and animal rights and minority culture. The axis of each issue is the main theme, in which we detail more timeless phenomena and trends, such as sharing, slow living, plant rights, eco-sex or the plastocene. In addition, we regularly feature reports, interviews, book and film reviews or series on more sustainable consumption and media. In addition to the print version, 7.G is published in pdf, mobi and epub formats, and the entire archive is available on the website for subscribers. The publisher of 7.G is the branch of Hnutí DUHA - Sedmá generace.
The name of the magazine, which was published as Last Generation until 1997, is symbolic. Inspired by the Great Law of the Iroquois, we are convinced that if we as humanity want to live on this planet in contentment and peace, our actions must also take into account the needs of our descendants. And that includes those who will come seven generations after us.

Solidarity Collectives
We are Solidarity Collectives, a group of Ukrainian anarchists who came together when the Russian invasion began to support our comrades fighting on the front and to help those affected by the Russian invasion. 

Spink distro
An anarcho-feminist, anti-labour, vegan open-source distro that conveys a single message in so many words: instead of trying hard to fit into a system that exploits us, let's have a spink, a nap, or a diner.

Solidarity Apothecary
Solidary Apothecary and Black Moon Calendar
The Solidary Apothecary collective overlaps with the Black Moon collective, and in addition to creating and publishing a calendar that seeks a distinctive approach to the course of the year, we prepare and distribute herbal products to promotex ideas of mutual aid and self-healing. In this way we want to contribute to our independence from the pharmaceutical industry and conventional medicine. In the production of we put our own resources into the production process and use the proceeds to support (like the proceeds from Black Moon) various collectives and projects that, like us, are trying to make a different world from the one we live in. In the past, we have supported No Borders, Anarchist Black Cross, Vzletný Seagull, Ciocia Czesia and others.

Utopia libri 
The publishing coop UTOPIA LIBRI was founded in 2021. Our books form a thematic mosaic that connects politics, visual arts, philosophy, queer feminism, sociology, fiction, ecology, and generally transdisciplinary and anarchist perspectives. 

Varjú Kollektíva (The Crow Collective)
The Crow Collective is an anarchist organization from Budapest, whose aim is to spread anti-authoritarian thought.

Walden press
Self-sufficiency, sustainability, transforming the market economic model, climate protection or healthier landscapes and cities. We are currently working on titles with Czech authors. They will focus on cultivation and the phenomenon of gardening in the context of the Czech Republic, organic farming or sustainable, local and plant-based cuisine. For the period 2023/2024, the Walden Press team is also preparing several foreign book titles that help change attitudes towards the environment, society and ourselves.